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Join the fight for a warm society

Norway is becoming a colder society – a society that cares less about people. The Norwegian Socialist Left Party (SV) will stop this.

We want a fair and equal society. A society where the gap between poor and rich shrinks. Where cutting carbon emissions and creating a sustainable future comes first. To accomplish all this, we have to solve our problems together.

SV pledges to create environmentally friendly cities with clean air.
With more teachers, we want to turn homework into schoolwork, so that everyone can get the help they deserve. To improve elder care, we will increase the staff, to make sure there is enough time to give the elderly the care they should have.

SV wants to:

  • shorten after-school programmes and make the school day longer, so the pupils can do homework at school, with a teacher on hand to help.
  • restrict the use of private cars and spend the money we save on public transport in the cities. This will cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce air pollution.
  • remove constricting time limits in eldercare. Instead SV wants more caregivers with more time to give more care.

Will you join us in the fight for a warm society? Become a member here.


Download our pamphlets in other languages:

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