For the many – not for the few

The differences between the financially privileged and the rest of the population are increasing. Those who are poor or sick are continuously experiencing cuts in welfare benefits and aid schemes are being eroded. Meanwhile the right-wing politicians are continuously cutting taxes for the rich. If these unfair differences are allowed to continue our society of tomorrow will be a less inclusive place.

It is time for change. We need a tax system that works for everyone and a society that values all its citizens. We need a tax system that redistributes our society’s resources among all its citizens, not just the few.

Destructive climate changes are taking place. Changes in the weather are already causing devastations, but we in Norway are not the ones who suffer the most. It is the poverty-stricken countries which experience the greatest impact. We need to make important political decisions right now if we are going to halt the global climate changes. Norway’s history as an oil producing and exporting country makes us particular responsible for taking initiative to cut our own emissions.

Norwegian oil must remain where it is now, untouched and beneath the ocean. The ocean is among Norway’s most important resources right now, but also for our future generations.

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